Tailored Product Plans for
Intelligent Health Payers

Unlock the full potential of AI and professional medical expertise with Kirontech’s range of Payment Integrity/Health Outcome Product Plans. We offer tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of Health Insurers on their journey towards becoming Intelligent Payers.

Kirontech Product Plans:

Choose Your Path to Success

At Kirontech, we recognize that each Health Insurer’s journey towards becoming an Intelligent Payer is unique. Our product and service plans are strategically crafted to address common obstacles such as incomplete inputs, poor data quality, and limited resources, guiding companies towards their goal systematically.

A Quick Start to

Kickstart your journey with Accelerator, a two-hour interactive workshop led by our medical experts. Gain insights into your payment integrity landscape, define data strategies, and agree on key performance indicators (KPIs). Accelerator delivers actionable value packages, ROI models, and optional process audit modules.
For a comprehensive review, opt for BluePrint. Our experts conduct a four-week on-site assessment to identify operational weaknesses and risks, providing detailed guidance to enhance your payment integrity capabilities.

Dive Deep into

Your Gateway
to Savings

Take control of Fraud, Abuse, Waste, or Error (FAWE) with BlueBox. In a time-boxed exercise, leverage Kirontech’s advanced AI capabilities and medical expertise to identify savings opportunities. If we don’t identify savings at least four times the charge of BlueBox, we waive the fee.
Advance with confidence using BlueBox Iterations. Collaborate with our experts to deliver savings iteratively, building your team’s capability with planned cadence. Benefit from limited software access and tailored guidance to maximize ROI.

BlueBox Iterations:
Build on Success

Sustain Year-
on-Year Savings

For sustained savings, transition to BlueOps. With a focus on automation and prevention, implement operational frameworks using Kirontech’s tools. Benefit from ongoing training and expert consultation to achieve ROI targets exceeding seven times.

Product Plans Summary

Join Kirontech on your journey towards becoming an Intelligent Payer. Choose the product plan that aligns with your goals and let us empower you to unlock greater efficiencies and savings in your payment integrity and health outcomes processes.

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