Kirontech’s Payment Integrity delivers intuitive, comprehensive, and accurate Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Error detection, contextualization and investigation. Our world-leading product optimizes payment integrity, focusing on high-value cases producing a Return on Intelligence of 8X.


Kirontech’s AI unlocks hidden value by analyzing all data, exposing previously unseen issues across patients, doctors, and facilities. Trust us to find outliers, establish fair comparisons, and provide overall risk scores for medical practices.

Driven by curated international, regional, and proprietary reference data, our pre-built dashboards offer instant insights, empowering your team with powerful search, filter, aggregation, and plotting tools to effectively respond to payment integrity issues, saving your company time and money.

How We Do It.


Kirontech leverages advanced ML-based, statistical, and rule-based algorithms that often span multiple claims, subjects or practitioner historical data, to deliver quality findings.


Kirontech Intelligence is not just a finding, it is a finding with direct access to associated evidence (source data) and state-of-the-art tools for contextualizing it.


Risk Scoring
The platform automatically determines and assigns risk scores to inform which areas should be targeted


All concrete findings, in addition to the platform’s benchmarking capabilities, serve to accumulate intelligence about all actors in the dataset


Understanding the context to a given finding to determine the appropriate intervention, augmented by Kirontech’s domain experience


A Return on Intelligence of 8X.
2x more likely to monetize FAWE finding 2x Quicker 2x Value Kirontech’s Payment Integrity AI-driven product revolutionizes payment integrity for healthcare payers. By detecting fraud, waste, abuse, and errors, we ensure optimal ROI, saving substantial costs. ​

Gain actionable insights, supported by automatically generated narratives, data, and plots, boosting team efficiency. ​

Payment Integrity empowers your team to detect, qualify, contextualize and respond to high-value payment integrity issues swiftly, optimizing your Health Insurer’s ROI and compliance.

2x more likely to monetize FAWE finding
2x Quicker 2x Value

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