Data Integrity
& Readiness

Kirontech AI is driven by a vast array of curated international, regional and proprietary reference data, continually refined by our experts to support our fine-tuned algorithms.


Data Integrity & Readiness lays the foundations of AI-driven pre/post payment and health outcomes optimization.

  • Data granularity management
  • Hybrid real-time/batch data management
  • Data encoding
  • Entity rules & relationships

How We Do It.

Kirontech gets your data AI ready by carefully understanding, cleaning, codifying and unifying it.

​ Kirontech then aligns your data with established coding hierarchies so that our algorithms can respond to structures and patterns that would otherwise be hidden.

The Benefits

Kirontech works with your data to refine classifications, creating tight comparison groups that support precise and actionable insights. ​

Data Integrity & Readiness is the cornerstone of the Intelligent Health Payer laying a foundation for AI-driven detection and prevention of fraud, waste, abuse, errors and healthcare outcomes optimisation.

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